Cleaning the paint bucket
June 17, 2022

Review and clean to ensure that there is no dust inside and outside the paint bucket. During the review period, when cleaning the barrel, please ensure the air extraction pressure first, or the paint flakes can cause serious harm to the body during navigation; regularly review the cleaning work after the suction filter is blocked and broken. If the paint bucket of the paint chip is used, it will continue to be used on the next working day, which can increase the progress of the pneumatic motor to ensure that the paint bucket can be used normally; then connect the paint hose spray gun to the wall paint hose plug. Make sure that the paint does not dry out, prepare a short hose to connect to the spray gun, and pull out the cleaning solvent spray gun from the other end of the hose until the insulation layer is clean. If the paint job has been achieved, the bucket should be cleaned completely, especially after the paint bucket paint suction tube, the insulation hose cock and solvent cleaning, prepare a short hose to connect to the spray gun.