Teach you how to clean tin buckets
June 17, 2022
The utilization rate of iron drums in life is relatively high, and they are used as containers for various liquid materials. Such as paint tin buckets, glue tin buckets, dye tin buckets and so on. Iron drums are often in contact with various chemical or non-chemical substances, and they need to be cleaned after use. How to clean the tin bucket?

  1. It is necessary to choose a suitable cleaning agent. We usually use alkaline water or baking soda water when cleaning, like the tin bucket used in our family. Sometimes in order to completely eliminate the remaining stubborn stains to achieve the purpose of cleaning, people will also use disinfection 84 water for cleaning. But it must be used with caution. Some inferior iron barrels cannot withstand strong corrosion.

  2. Pay attention to the water temperature. Sometimes in order to speed up the rapid dissolution of the detergent and improve the efficiency of cleanliness, the method of increasing the water temperature is adopted when cleaning the iron bucket. If it is directly scalded with boiling water, it will cause bubbling and deformation of plastic products. In addition, like practical-grade tin buckets, you must clean them thoroughly.

  The iron bucket cleaning is for the second use. If we did not clean the tin drums, there may still be a lot of original chemical substances on the walls of the drums. When the tin drums are used again to load other substances, it is very likely that the secondary loaded materials will be contaminated or even produce other materials. An unexpected chemical reaction made the secondary load unusable. There are even other phenomena when using the material loaded this time. There are so many possible incidents just because the iron barrels are not cleaned, which shows how important it is to clean Tietong.